Diving - Into Albania


Discover the Underwater World of the Southern Riviera

Albania’s calm and crystalline waters are a true paradise for any kind of diving experience. It is the variegated hues and rich biodiversity of the country’s seas that make it a diving destination which should not be missed. Luckily, diving under the guidance and supervision of professionals is offered for all of those who want to experience the sensation of exploring the Albanian underwater world.

What to Expect

Three of the most popular diving destinations in our country are Vlora Bay, the Karaburun Peninsula and the island of Sazan. The crystalline waters, amazing biodiversity, fish and corals, the underwater reliefs alongside rare finds like skeletons of wrecked ships, are only some of the reasons that have brought about an ever-increasing number of tourists who choose to explore the waters of Albania.

Each destination has its own unique flavor! The island of Sazan is simply spectacular with its coral and various sea plants as well as its underwater caves. The Karaburun Peninsula offers some of the country’s most beautiful and “untouched” virgin beaches, the waters of which shelter many stunning underwater creatures. In Vlora Bay, the visitor can witness the sunken ship named “Po” (“Yes”) which housed a hospital within it that, during World War II, transported the sick and injured to Italy. The ship is found about a kilometer away from the seashore and, for all diving enthusiasts, it represents a true underwater treasure. Vlora Bay is also renowned for the wonderful amphorae that can be observed underwater.

Specific diving tours

Albania Adventure offers a 9-day diving tour across all of Southern Albania which includes, in addition to all the aforementioned places, several other attractive seaside spots of the Riviera such as: Haxhi Ali Cave, Varka Bay, Jal Bay, Porto Palermo, and many other beautiful locations. Diving tours are a perfect way of getting the most out of this places’ rich biodiversity and history!

Haxhi Ali Cave, also as the Illyrians’ cave, is a karst cave formed in the shape of a cupola in limestone cliffs which, in addition to its natural beauty has a rich, ancient history supported by many archaeological findings. Thanks to the water temperatures and the combined currents of the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, in both Haxhi Ali Cave and Varka Cave, both located in the Karaburun Peninsula, there is an extremely rich underwater flora and fauna.

Jal Bay and Porto Palermo have a fascinating history in addition to their underwater appeal! Jal Bay was the communist leaders’ choice for their official retreats while Porto Palermo was a Soviet submarine base during the communist regime in Albania. These days, according to the Huffington Post, Porto Palermo is one of the 15 Undiscovered European Destinations of 2017. Its abandoned buildings, tunnel, and barrack that eerily reflect its communist past, attract an increasing number of divers and curious explorers each year.

For other single-day or several-day diving experiences, please contact Albania Adventure and/or Albania Dive.

Additional information

Professional divers looking for more detailed information regarding the location of various skeletons should click here. Additional info can be found at diving.eu.