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Why you should visit Vlora?

The journey into the famous Albanian Rivera begins in Vlora, the meeting point between the Adriatic and the Ionian Seas, and one of the largest coastal cities of Albania. Home to Albania’s independence in 1912, this city is at once home to the traditional polyphonic music, exquisite culinary delicacies, a vibrant nightlife, and some of the best beaches of the south, many of which are found in Vlora or right off the city’s coast. Beautiful waters, lush forests, and historic monasteries of the Zvërnec and Sazan islands, the popular Orikum beach, the spectacular island of Karaburun, and the Lagoon of Narta, housing the country’s richest flora and fauna are only some! For some fresh mountain air, you may leave Vlora and take on the intimidating Llogara Pass, where you will find the most delicious meats as well as freshly made yogurt and honey. On the other side of Llogara, countless historic villages, castles, churches, spectacular seas and sights await. It all begins in Vlora!


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