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24 Hours in Korça – Where to go / What to do

Season does not matter as any time is the right one to visit Korça! While during the winter, the picturesque snow veils the city’s streets, the leisurely walks on the promenade during the spring possess an entirely different feel. But if you only have 24 hours to spend in this wonderful city, below we provide you with the best possible experience of the city.


Start off the day with a delicious cup of coffee at one of the several cafes around the Old Bazaar. Here, you will immediately feel a natural part of the city! Following the restoration of the Bazaar, this area has become the true heart of the city, buzzing will people and energy all day long. Some of the most popular places in the Bazaar are Cozy Tea or Coffeehouse Komiteti, a cafe-museum whose decor reflects the country’s communist past in its every minute detail.

We strongly suggest walking through the lively Bazaar to hunt for interesting souvenirs or to simply get a better sense of Korça’s lovely atmosphere.

Old Bazaar of Korça

Old Bazaar of Korça, photo by Intoalbania


The Republic Boulevard leads to some of the city’s most important buildings, like the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral and, nearby, the First Albanian School (Mësonjëtorja) which opened on March 7th, 1887. This date has marked Teacher’s Day is Albania, one of the most celebrated days since then. A quick stop at this small house of great significance to Albania’s history is a must!


First Albanian School (Mësonjëtorja), Korça, photo by Intoalbania.

After visiting the First Albanian School, you may want to pay tribute to the world famous photographer Gjon Mili, and the newest museum dedicated to its art. In total there are 240 photos exposed in the Gjon Mili Museum.

Gjon Mili Museum, photo by IntoAlbania.


In this wonderful, quaint town, the food is undoubtedly one of the main attractors of local and international tourists! Traditional restaurants that serve authentic Albanian dishes are some of the best (and most reasonably priced!) in the country but there are many international options, as well.

Lakror, a savory slightly moist pastry with a variety of vegetable and meat fillings, is the symbol of Korça’s cuisine. While you can have versions of it around the country, none of them compare to the way Korça makes them! The best place to have your first taste of this southern delicacy is at Taverna Vasili. You can even call the tavern ahead of time and they will be more than happy to prepare lakror especially for you and serve it fresh and warm once you arrive! Phone number: +355 82 246 610.


Lakror, the symbol of Korça’s cuisine, photo by Intoalbania


Afternoons in Korça are not only relaxing but quite dreamy! This is perhaps the best time of day to enjoy a nice walk along the town’s main promenade on the Shën Gjergj (St. George) Boulevard. You can make your way to the Red Tower, also known as the Panoramic Tower, situated at the end of the promenade, where you can get the best panoramas of the city from its height of 33 meters. Another great spot you can visit and enjoy more views of the beautiful town is Silver Center, located to the left of the main cathedral, Ringjallja e Krishtit (Resurrection of Christ).

Conclude the afternoon with a pleasant visit to the rare and fascinating Museum of Medieval Art, one of the best and most comprehensive in the Balkans. If you’re passionate about oriental art, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Bratko Museum, which hides a wonderful personal story. (You can read more here)

Korça Promenade

Korça Promenade, photo by Intoalbania


One of the most elegant and luxurious spots in town where you can have delicious food as well as great cocktails until the late hours of the night is Avenue 55 Bar, within the beautiful and modern Life Gallery Hotel, located in the Republic Boulevard.

If you would prefer going with the public’s vote, the first place on the list of best restaurant-lounges in Korça in TripAdvisor is taken by FindFour, located in the same boulevard.

Alternatively, Vila Cofiel offers a warm traditional atmosphere and menu, where every detail is impeccably designed to best represent local customs, foods, and traditions. Live serenading included! Located in Fan Noli Boulevard, fairly close to the main promenade.

Vila Themistokli is one unique spot not to be missed! Located along the main promenade, you will notice this renovated old villa which houses one of the most contemporary cafes, guesthouses and verandas in town. Very pleasant and quietly beautiful!

If ultimately you would like to spend more time in Korça, do not forget that the surrounding villages are some of the most beautiful and fascinating in the country. For more detailed information click here, but suffice it to say that these places are rare natural and gastronomical havens worth adding to your travels.

Avenue 55 Bar, Korça, Source: lifegallery.al

Other Suggestions:

If you have more time to discover the city, don’t miss the chance to visit Parku Rinia (The Youth Park), which is one of the most visited spaces from the locals.