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5 Absolutely Best, and Funny, Albanian Traits

Every population of the world, even counting the variety in individual personalities, has its quirky characteristics that make it unique. These often comical traits make people nod their heads in approval and laugh out loud. As you think of all the Albanians you have known or will get to know, keep these five things in mind.

1. An Albanian will never let you go hungry

Even the most casual of visits to a friend’s home can never be quite casual in Albania. Food, drinks, sweets – something will be served even if you just “drop in.” And if an Albanian invites you over for dinner, at home or in a restaurant, you can be sure that you will not leave the place without being fully satisfied, perhaps even a bit queasy. Before and after drinks, appetizers, pastas, meats, desserts fruits, coffees and teas, expect it all. Those lavish feasts reserved for guests that these ancient lands are famous for, those are still very much a thing!

2. An Albanian will never run into you without inviting you to coffee

If you think you can successfully keep a conversation at small talk level and not be invited for coffee by most Albanians, you have another thing coming! A casual stroll along the street can turn into multiple run-ins with people, some of which will likely turn to longer conversations, so much so that they will surely extend over coffee or a beer. Though not all customs are preserved these days, this is one thing that doesn’t seem to change.

3. You will never be bored with an Albanian

We love talking, socializing and are not especially fond of moments of silence. Albanians have entertainment in their DNA. No matter how much more we work these days, the desire to entertain and be entertained is deeply rooted in us. If you are in our company, you better know that we feel responsible for your experience and will not disregard our duty. A day without some small dose of fun is unthinkable and downright sinful.

4. Albanians like to joke a lot

It may be because of the country’s dramatic history or, inversely, a natural response to the beautiful landscape and climate of the country. We cannot know what makes us not be able to have a very long and serious conversation without making a joke or two. Comic relief is important to Albanians and, we assume, it should be for everyone. We even start telling jokes as a sport, just for the sake of laughing. Just don’t bring up politics.

5. An Albanian will not let you pay without discussing it seriously with you

If you go out to a mutually consensual coffee, lunch or dinner with an Albanian, be smart and reserve the last 10 minutes for the mandatory argument over who will pick up the check and why. You have to have a good reason as most Albanians will pull out anything from a casual “I was the one who invited you” (even if this is untrue) to more dramatic statements like “my mother would kill me” to “I swear on my grandfather’s honor.” Arguments over payment spoil an Albanian’s idea of a grand old time and, because of it, they end up causing them!