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5 Unlikely August Getaways: Relax and Wind Down at Summer’s End

To ensure that you have no regrets by the summer’s end, we have compiled a list of destinations to see before it ends.

As the unofficial last month of the summer season, August is the time to do everything that you may have missed during the summer. Some of you may sneak in more visits to the Riviera while others may go the opposite route, into the rugged north.


If you must go to the beach, go here. Perhaps the least “pop” beach of the Riviera, Lukova remains a favorite for those who truly need to get away from it all. Because of its extremely limited number of guesthouses and inns, not many people make it all the way to this beach, one of the last ones along the Riviera. Be it for inspiration, tranquility or a need to isolate from all noise and become one with the breeze and the sound of the sea waves, Lukova is perfect. Bring your camping gear just in case you don’t find a place to stay. For more quiet beaches, click here.

Photo source: Matthew Storer. Lukova Beach.


We suggest that you visit this magical place before the summer’s end. The road to Theth is a bit challenging and it gets a bit more so as the temperatures get cooler. In August, Theth is not only the most refreshing place to be but the healthiest. Both invigorating and relaxing, there is plenty to do in Theth, including short hikes to the gorgeous waterfall or much longer ones to Valbona and a quick boat ride to the Blue Eye. Spending time with the village locals as well as enjoying the traditional food and atmosphere are perfect ways of winding down in this alpine oasis. For more, click here.


Gjirokastra is the ideal bridge between the beach and the city, the summer and the fall. From here, you can explore something new each day and not let go of the summer just yet. You can stroll along the cobbles stoned streets and eat traditional foods in the city. You can go up to the castle and enjoy the sun setting as you climb down. You can go the invigorating tropical Blue Eye springs or a bit further to the beaches along the Riviera to soak up the sun. You can spend an entire afternoon in the beautiful ruins of the ancient city of Antigonea. For more, click here.


If you have to recover from the summer, this is where to cleanse, relax and detox. Everyone who visits Përmet, has only sweet things to say about the warm town and its extremely hospitable locals. Here, you can taste the very best version of the world famous gliko, the delicious traditional fruit soaked in thick syrup. You can also enjoy some of the most beautiful and peaceful panoramas in the country or visit one of the healthiest retreats in Albania, at the thermal pools in Bënjë. Health restoration with a view. For more, click here. Or, read this wonderful experience in Bual Village near Përmet.

Any underrated destination 

Last but not least, we suggest that in August you try something new. Everyone loves the familiar and sometimes even the best of us fall for the popular destination out of sheer laziness or reluctance to explore. This is why, we have already compiled a list of underrated sites that everyone should see in Albania. And what better month to check off rare sites off your bucket list than August? From Upper Curraj to Rehova, check out our top ten picks and select your favorite.

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