Rally Albania - Into Albania

Rally Albania

An Adrenaline Fueled Journey

This year marks the 14th edition of Rally Albania, held on June 9-16, 2018. If you have a car or engine that qualifies for the categories applicable for registration to the Rally, get ready to experience Albania from its rugged north to the spectacular south. This may be the best way to explore the country’s wild nature and stunning beauty.

“Albania is the Disneyland of the off-road vehicle!” proclaims a participant of Rally Albania, whose description and sheer enthusiasm make it clear that any avid fan of extreme sports on wheels simply cannot miss this event.

By now, the event represents a firmly established tradition with hundreds of extreme sports enthusiasts coming to Albania to discover the country, share their love of cars and engines with other participants from around the world, and test their personal limits.

Adrenaline, rhythm, spectacle! Yet, the event never lacks safety measures as the organizers, aware of the risks, take strict security precautions so as to ensure everyone’s safety and the successful progression of all activities. Ambulances, helicopters and other emergency aid teams are on standby throughout the rally. So, feel free to enjoy it as here there is nothing to worry about other than making sure you take in the entire experience!

This year’s itinerary includes several stops: Tiranë, Peshkopi, Përmet and Ksamil. As some of the most pictoresque places in the country, these destination create a rare opportunity to truly become acquianted with some of the most spectacolar natural beauty of Albania. One look at the videos, posted by participants in the rally, will definitely plant the desire to join this one-of-a-kind activity.

If you would like more information on this event, you may visit the official website or, for some great photos and experiences, please visit their Instagram and Facebook pages. If you are thinking of joining it this year, another great way to become even more familiar with the event is to look at the videos posted throughout the years.