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Agritourism Hupi: The 200-Year-Old Tower of Albanian Hospitality

This charming tower-turned-guesthouse offers a perfect getaway with adventures in the magical forests of Bulqiza and authentic homemade Albanian cuisine that will make you feel right at home.

Bulqiza Traditional Guesthouse, also known as Agritourism Hupi, located within a 200-year-old tower, offers a truly authentic experience interwoven with cooking lessons of some of the most delicious traditional recipes of the country.

Located only 7 km from Bulqiza, Guesthouse Hupi is surrounded by a beautiful and tranquil landscape. The tower is a typical structure of this area, constructed entirely in stonewalls, punctuated by charming variously-shaped windows, all beautifully carved in stone.

Two years ago, Lulzim, a former miner and the son of the Hupi family, decided to transform the tower into an attractive and welcoming touristic destination. He restored the tower while adding extra features that truly make it feel like home.

Guests of this authentic guesthouse can enjoy mother Sofie’s delicious traditional fare as well as join her as she cooks for some amazing lessons in Albanian delicacies. Many guests also choose this particular guesthouse as a central point from where they can explore the beautiful forests of Bulqiza.  

This region is well-known for its many natural and historic monuments, something Lulzim has nicely harnessed by organizing and leading hiking tours in the area. One of these tours is to Skanderbeg’s Watch Tower, located about one hour and a half from the guesthouse. Yet another tour takes the visitors to Bulqiza Valley, one of the natural wonders of this area that boasts numerous water springs and is well-preserved by the locals. The Black Lake and the Waterfall of the Dushaj Village, the latter located only 1 km away from the guesthouse, are two additional wonderful hiking destinations.

If you have ever wanted to take part in the authentic Albanian culinary tradition, such as cooking with the famous saç (large cooper pan) heated by the embers of an open fire, this will be your chance to experience it. Sofie can teach you to whip up dishes like byrek (savory filled pie), jufka (traditional pasta), qull me pulë  (chicken porridge) and many more.

Agritourism Hupi is one of those places where you truly get the most of your day by enjoying hikes in Bulqiza’s rugged nature followed by Sofie’s scrumptious food in a cozy and warm atmosphere.

It isn’t very often that one can stay so comfortably in a tower! Within a very short time, this spacious and authentically-designed guesthouse has welcomed more than 600 international guests. We suggest that you keep it in mind for your next adventure! 

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