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Albania, the “alternative beach holiday” destination for 2020, according to British iNews

While the gorgeous beaches of Albania’s Riviera have made the rounds in international media, their popularity has done nothing to alter their off-the-beaten-path charm and tranquil atmosphere. These rugged destinations offer some of the most spectacular vistas known to man and still represent some of the most idyllically remote spots you can find in this day and age. And, the best part, is that a trip here is incredibly affordable!

iNews’ article, entitled “2020 travel guide: The quiet destinations for your New Year holiday list, with alternative beach holidays,” comes in the last days of the decade with a clear message: Slow down! While tourism has reached unprecedented heights, the majority of travelers still find it challenging to discover new, fascinating destinations, ultimately always opting for the safe, tried-and-true destinations of yesteryear.  

Ksamil Islands
The Twin Islands of Ksamil, Saranda, Photo Credits:

With its inspiring list, iNews offers up a short list of overlooked but gorgeous destinations. Tajikistan, for instance, hosts one of the region’s oldest cities, Khojand, founded by Alexander the Great. Via Dinarica, the 2000 km long trail through the Western Balkans which links eight countries, is an ideal destination for outdoor adventurers. Biking through the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania is a trip through history as well as nature. 

Sunset in Spille. Photo by IntoAlbania.

The Albanian beaches are included in this unique list as the perfect alternative to the “busy, sun-drenched Mediterranean favourites,” one usually opts for. The beaches near the capital, like the ones along the Adriatic coast in Durrës and Spille, and the ones scattered along the more remote paradisiacal shores of the Ionian, are some of the places that the news source highly recommends for 2020. Albania’s “golden beaches, turquoise water and quiet bays,” may be just what you need to begin the decade in affordable and spectacular style.

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