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Alpine Splendors of Pogradec: Mount Valamara and its Glacial Lakes

As one the most beloved cities of the country, Pogradec with its poetic swan lake boasts one of the most iconic panoramas of Albania but, little does anyone know that there’s so much more to the city and its surrounding that calls for more exploring.

The famous tranquility and luxurious feel of Pogradec has been famously translated into some of the most famous Albanian poems. Adding to its charm is the fact that its natural beauty and ease is complemented by a rich cultural heritage and well preserved tradition. The people you will meet and the food you will have in Pogradec are clear manifestations of its abundant charm. 

The wild side of Pogradec

In addition Lake Ohrid, the tourism destinations for all ages hides tens of spectacular glacial lakes within Mount Valamara. The latter is a destination more fit for adventurers, climbers and explorers though it is definitely accessible to all. What is amazing about this outdoor experience is that it reveals an entirely different side of Pogradec. It reveals its wilder, more rugged beauty and we can’t help but love it!

The road to Mount Valamara

Mount Valamara is where Pogradec, Maliq and Gramsh join. The climb to the more than 2000-meter-high peak begins first with a 2-hour drive and continues with a 4-hour hike.

At the peak, dozens of spectacular glacial lakes and a vegetation that is more than 3 centuries old await you. Prepare for an immersion into vast beech and pine forests along the lower part of the mountain and soothing pastures on the upper part. Located at precisely 2373 meters above sea level, this adrenaline-inducing adventure has a wonderful finale. 

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