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Great Locations and Something Fresh for Every Taste

This fancy diner serves its rich, fusion menu quickly and in style in two of the capital’s most convenient locations

Artigiano, as the restaurant chain is commonly called by locals, has seen a swift rise in popularity since it first opened a few years ago. Its name literally translates to “master” from Italian (as in something “masterful”, not “owner”) and here, though the atmosphere is very cool and contemporary, you can be sure to find the unmistakable traditional flair of the “old masters.”

Why So Popular?

The menu is rich, ranging from original salads, pizzas, pastas, to meats and nice and fresh desserts. The food is always fresh and always prepared with the same quality. The staff is very warm and welcoming. These elements combine to make this place one of those go-to favorites when you just cannot decide where to go! It certainly does not hurt that it enjoys two of the greatest locations in Tirana.

Some of Artigiano plates. Photo source:

Two Locations

Its first location, simply called Artigiano, is right by the Presidency at the beginning of Blloku and great for people watching. There is no outside seating here but the floor-to-ceiling windows allow enough natural light and city life to come in. For the map click here.

Artigiano entrance at Blloku. Photo source:

The second, and more beautiful location, called Vila Artigiano, is behind the Pyramid in the space of an old traditional villa. Here, you will find prime outside seating in the villa’s garden among plants and a small pond. You may also choose between the warmly arranged inside space or the beautiful terrace above. For the map click here.

Artigiano villa entrance. Photo source:


Artigiano’s bread and homemade pasta is prepared daily, bright and early, so it is always fresh! But, then again, you will find that everything is fresh here. And if this is not enough, then keep reading!

While the restaurant serves mainly Mediterranean food, the choices range from the most traditional to the most unexpected. The Iceberg and Falafel Salad, for instance, is a simple yet surprisingly tasty combination of falafel, tomatoes, crisp fresh iceberg lettuce with a fresh dressing. You can find this only on the location at Blloku, which is to say that the locations serve slightly different but equally delicious menus.

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In general, Artigiano’s salads are a perfect complement to the delicious thin-crust pizzas here. About the pizza: the choices are endless and you can never go wrong so feel free to experiment. And you have fresh Stella Artois on draft, putting the final touches on your ideal casual meal.

Do not forget that Artigiano also serves Albanian specialties such as the famous traditional byrek (savory pie) to the spicy meat casseroles for which Albania is especially known for. Last but not least, we have the masterfully prepared desserts, never too heavy, putting the appropriately light finish on the meal.

Lime torte, photo source:

Final Thoughts

Fresh and tasty food for everyone and a perfect match to the entire atmosphere and design concept of the restaurant. The friendly staff and quick service make the entire experience as comfortable and casual as it needs to be. Ideal for friendly lunches and get togethers among friends.

    Abdyl Frashëri Street (Rruga Abdryl Frashëri), Tiranë for the restaurant in Bllok. Pope John Paul II Street (Rruga Papa Gjon Pali i II) for the vila restaurant. Get Directions

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