Black Drin River - Into Albania

Black Drin River

Fishing, Rafting and the Beach

This branch of Albania’s longest river doubles as a beach in certain areas and is one of the country’s emerging destinations for water sports.

The Black Drin, along with the vast surrounding valleys, is an immensely beautiful area of Albania which largely remains to be explored. The river stretches throughout Albania’s northeast and, in the west, reaches all the way to the Adriatic Sea.

The Black Drin springs from Lake Ohrid in Macedonia and traverses the Dibra district up until the city of Kukës, in the Albanian border. In the north, it joins the White Drin and, here, the two deep rivers become one: Drin River, which flows into the Adriatic. There is one branch of the Black Drin whose flow has deviated, due to a flood of two centuries ago, and now flows in the proximity of Lezha.


Right at the point where the capricious river cannot follow its natural flow, the visitor has the chance to fully enjoy it and its beautiful surrounding landscape. Here, adventurers have the opportunity to raft on Drin’s wide riverbed. Actually, as a result of this wide space, rafting in this particular spot is safe and hardly straining, making it an ideal spot to commune with nature while enjoying this fun water sport.


As it enters into Albania, the Black Drin splits into two distinct large branches which flow along the periphery of Dibra, the closest district to this river. The locals of Peshkopi are fortunate to have the foundations of their city on the banks of this river. Indeed, the Black Drin has been generous to this population as, along the valleys of this region, where the river’s flow settles down, the Black Drin turns into a wonderful beach. As such, during the summer season, the locals enjoy this beach oasis created by the river. In Fushë-Muhurr, you can find the beach of the same name, located only 25 minutes away from Peshkopi.


What else makes this river even more appealing? Local fishing enthusiasts will tell you that they can spend hours on end fishing in the Black Drin waters. Among other kinds of fish, the most popular here are carp, trout and eel. Before you set out on your exploration of the Black Drin, you should stop by any of the tourist information centers in Peshkopi to pick up practical guides of the many famous outdoor attractions and destinations of this beautiful region.

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