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Black Lake: Healing, Refreshment and Adventure near Gramsh

With this hidden glacial lake, the little-known town of Gramsh reserves one of the most attractive health and adventure natural retreats in the country.

At 1750 meters above sea level and surrounded by a mountainous landscape, the Black Lake is one of the most visited natural attractions in the small town of Gramsh. Along with its natural beauty, the particular appeal of this lake lies in the fact that its waters also contain curative properties.

Lake, Nature and Scenery

Your lungs will fill with clean fresh air as soon as you arrive by the Black Lake. The landscape here reserves rich hues of green and blues that refresh the senses. The deep indigo blue created by the glacial waters of the Black Lake is particularly beautiful! As previously mentioned, however, what is special about this lake’s waters is their rich minerals and curative pH levels. Throughout the years, many visitors have treated their rheumatic diseases, the ones that cause joint aches and pains, by taking regular dips in this lake. The recommended intervals for optimal results are 15-minute baths, twice a day and the best month of the year to do it is August. Water temperatures range from 2.5 to 3 degrees Celsius so prepare yourself for a truly refreshing experience.

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In addition to the miraculous baths, you may want to explore the beautiful surrounding nature of this area. Along your walks, you will run into a tree called Rubulli i Zi. Declared a national monument of nature, this beautiful tree is indigenous to this particular area.

Camping and Accommodation

If you would like to spend one or two nights in this area, there are several options to do so. Camping is available here as many parts of this area have been planned with campers in mind. This may be a great way to make the experience more unique and memorable! However, recently constructed intimate cabins in the surrounding area offer indoor accommodation, as well. For more information you may contact

How to get there

Your trip toward the Black Lake starts from Gramsh, located about 40 km or a two-hour drive away from the lake. The journey requires an off-road vehicle that is suitable for a somewhat rugged terrain. However, not to worry if you do not have access to one of these, as the town arranges buses that safely take you to your destination.


The bus that takes you from Gramsh to Lenie leaves at 1:00 PM from the town hospital. The ticket costs 300 ALL (3 USD). Once you reach Lenie, the hike to the Black Lake lasts about 2 hours. The return bus from Lenie to Gramsh leaves at 6:30 PM.

4×4 Taxi

You can also find 4×4 taxis near the bus stop.  A round trip with these taxis costs about 7000 ALL (70 USD). These off-road vehicles fit 4-5 travelers so the cost can be shared.


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