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Black Lake of Radomira

Of Unique and Spectacular Panoramas

It may not be the most promoted destination in the country, but the region of Dibra has much to offer in terms of invigorating climate and striking alpine landscape.

The Dibra region is so rich in beauty that it will steal the hearts of all those travelers who seek a certain kind of spectacular rugged landscape. One of the most beautiful destinations in the area, located near Peshkopi, is the Black Lake.

Located only 20 minutes from Mount Korab, the lake is specifically situated in the village of Tejzë in Radomirë. While the destination in itself is a spectacle, the trip to Radomira is also very worthy of your attention. Village to village, it is a rugged landscape to feast your eyes on! The trip lasts for about 45 minutes by car from Peshkopi to the village of Tejzë. Once there, you will find that the locals are extremely warm and welcoming. They will help you around the area so that you get the absolute best experience out of it.

Black Lake in Radomira, Photo by the Dibra Municipality.

Why you should visit the Black Lake of Radomira

To put it simply, the area is untouched and pure magic! From the foot of Mount Korab, guided by the locals, you go in the direction of an oasis of tall virgin woods. Only the songs of birds and your footsteps populate the paths among the old pines.

Despite the slightly challenging road, the view upon arrival is so miraculous that it will not matter. The lake, surrounded on all sides by tall pines, will immediately erase any fatigue and seamlessly transport you to another realm. Part of the Korab-Koritnik park, the Black Lake is located 2200 meters above sea level. The water is cold and crystal-clear and the surface of the lake freezes during the winter.

Spectacle of sunlight among the woods at the Black Lake. Photo by the Dibra Municipality.

The alpine lake has a rich ecosystem and its waters contain curative properties for rheumatism and various other ailments. Furthermore, the fauna is extremely rich and varied, which explains its status as a natural monument. The lake is an ideal spot where you can truly commune with nature, where you can have a relaxing picnic or enjoy a refreshing hike.

Folk tales

Because of the density of the black pine, the sun cannot penetrate through to the lake, which is what gives the Black Lake its name. The playfulness of the sun rays that do penetrate to the earth have given rise to the idea that fairies wander around the place. According to legend, a young man named Korab looked over them along with this beautiful piece of land put under his care by the gods.

Pines surrounding the Black Lake. Photo by the Dibra Municipality.

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