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Bogova Waterfall

The Heavenly Waterfall of the Gods

The Bogova Waterfall, rising 20 meters above its pool of aquamarine waters, is an exquisite still-untouched spot to get in touch with nature.

If you are looking for the exotic side of Albania, the one of the endless natural spectacles, pristine waters and untouched landscapes, Bogova Waterfall is a must! Situated on the left bank of the Osumi valley, this pearl of the Albanian landscape hides behind dense lush forests. Surrounded by rich hues of green, this waterfall’s appeal rests precisely in its isolation from the rest of the world.

Bogova Waterfall, photo by Alessandro Giangiulio,

How to get there

Your journey towards Bogova Waterfall begins at the village of the same name, the closest one to this natural monument. The origin of the name Bogova is Slavic, which in Albanian literally translates to “of the gods.” Upon reaching the village center, you will follow the trail in front of the bus station for about 30 minutes on foot and then walk alongside the river until you reach the waterfall. You will easily reach your destination by following the river and the road signs.

The waterfall

At a height of 20 meters, the waterfall stands above a pool of crystal clear waters that is 12 meters in depth. The scenery immerses you in a tropical paradise that seems to be entirely untouched. The sheer clarity of the water, the calming sounds of the waterfall and the green landscape that surround this area give you an idea of how the world must have been in its very beginnings. In the hot summer months, the temptation to dive into the refreshing water is great but only the truly courageous make it into its very cold temperatures.


Time flies here but, if you have used the public transportation from Berat, you will have to be careful to not forget your bearings and make sure to catch the last bus from the waterfall back to the city, leaving at 3PM. The surrounding villages also offer magnificent panoramas of vineyards and farms. Following your visit at the waterfall, you can grab some lunch in one of these villages on your return. The food is always delicious and fresh around these parts.

Directions: Follow the road Berat – Skrapar, stop in Bogova.

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