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Borsh Beach

Let’s Give Paradise A New Name: Borsh Beach

Borsh Beach is quite simply one of the most tranquil coastlines on the Southern Riviera, a picture-perfect paradise to spend your summer days the right way.

Imagine if you will, the most stunning shades of ultramarine and turquoise that a sea could possibly possess. Now, frame this shimmering seascape with olive groves. Listen to the sounds of the waves softly hitting the pebbles on the shore. Take a deep breath and smell the calming scent of the salt of the sea. Look in front of you. You are at one of the most idyllic beaches in Albania: Borsh, on the Southern Coast.

Pressure and stress are notions that seemingly don’t exist here, on the last European coast that really embodies the laissez-faire attitude. The only stress you’ll find here is managing the pressure of selecting which delicious fish to order for lunch – that can actually be quite difficult! Otherwise, there is only kilometres of purely stunning, white-pebbled Ionian coastline in plain view, free of clutter and crowds. Nothing stands between you and the iridescent seacoast. Take a long walk along the warm white pebbles, and dive into the eternally refreshing Ionian Sea. Here, your soul will attain a quietude which you thought was no longer possible.

Like the rest of the southern Albanian Riviera, the Borsh village and beach remain authentically Albanian. No chain stores, no fancy, recognisable names, no glitz. Only simple, old-fashioned beauty and comfort. The very affordable prices of hotels and restaurants, where delicious fresh seafood is served daily, make this beach a favourite among locals. During the day, there’s sailing, canoeing, kayaking and waterskiing. At night, you’ll always find the most surprising, harmonious groups of locals and tourists gathering under the starry skies with music and bonfires.

An increasing number of tourists are discovering Borsh every summer, but the extra-long coastline can comfortably accommodate all of them, and has plenty of space for more. Borsh Beach is located near countless other spectacular beaches of the southern Albanian Riviera which, by the way, in 2014, was voted as the 4th of 52 places to visit in the world by The New York Times.  It is well worth checking out all of the smaller virgin beaches and bays hidden along the coast as well, as many tourists do, opting for a different daily dose of magic. The trips are very short, each turn of the road revealing beautiful panoramas, an added bonus to this fully-immersive Ionian experience.

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The Borsh Castle

For such a small country, Albania packs an endless amount of offerings for visitors. For the ones who like to take a day off from the sea to dive into some culture and history, the lush green hills surrounding Borsh hide the Borsh Castle, located about 500 metres above sea level. The castle dates way back to the 3rd-4th century B.C. In the middle ages, it was known as the Sopot Castle, and it was mentioned as early as 1192 in the memoirs of the Byzantine Emperor, Alexios I Komnenos’ daughter, Anna Komnenos. During Ali Pasha’s rule, in the 18th century, a mosque was added to the castle, which remains well-preserved to this day, missing only one of its original minarets.

Become familiar with the grounds and coastal lines where modern civilisation was born. Immerse yourself in the invigorating Ionian. Bathe under the glorious sun. Enjoy every beautiful gift that nature has given to you in Borsh. Luxe, Calme et Volupté, as Henri Matisse so eloquently put it!

Castle location: 3 km northwest of the Borsh village. A brand new road takes you all the way to the entrance of the castle.

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