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Cape of Rodon: Your Perfect Weekend Escape

Into Sea

Cape of Rodon: Your Perfect Weekend Escape

Into Sea

Located only a few kilometers from Tirana, the Cape of Rodon in Durrës is a destination whose popularity has risen exponentially among tourists in the last few years. This narrow strip of land, in the shape of a peninsula, extends along the Adriatic and offers not only beautiful views but several crucial historical and cultural monuments. Many tourists choose to visit the Cape of Rodon during the spring season as it is shrouded in a beautiful cornucopia of flowers (click here for the video) while in the summer, they choose it to enjoy the beautiful virgin beaches and fine-grained sand.

Castle of Skanderbeg

The Cape is surrounded by navels with an altitude of 25 meters and is particularly famous for the Castle of Skanderbeg located there. The castle by the sea was built by Skanderbeg around 1450 – 1452, in order to create a quick exit to the Adriatic Sea in case of an Ottoman invasion. Life existed inside this castle until 1467, when the Turks destroyed it. Fortunately, the Venetians rebuilt it after 1500 and, since then, it has survived in a fairly good condition.

Church of St. Anthony

The Church of St. Anthony, a monument built around the same period as the Castle, is located near the Cape. Built in Romanesque-Gothic architecture, this church includes several beautiful frescoes and other interesting elements. Thanks to its position near the Cape and the sea, the panoramas surrounding the Church are quite impressive. The Cape of Rodon is an ideal choice for a relaxing as well as historical and cultural weekend away from Tirana.

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  • Address: Cape of Rodon, Durres Get Directions
  • Visit duration: More than 3 hours

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