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Chefeê: A Pleasant Surprise in the Blloku Quarter

If you’d like a change of scenery right in the heart of the city and have a tasty lunch or delicious dinner, head to Chefeê. Below, read over all the reasons why you should visit this place!

Open for business for a year now, Chefeê has been gathering its loyal clientele silently, preferring to be discovered organically rather than resorting to marketing campaigns. The method has worked as all of Chefeê’s visitors remain in awe of the menu’s quality as well as the cozy atmosphere and contemporary design of the venue. This is all reflected on its TripAdvisor comments and reviews, where the restaurant’s ratings range only from “excellent” to “very good”, unlike any other place in town.

Part of the “Fresh Garden” chain, Chefeê’s philosophy is clear: a delicious menu with organic ingredients harvested in the company’s own farm. The restaurant gets plenty of fresh products from other local farmers as well, all with a seal of organic freshness and quality.


The menu exhibits a wide range of equally delightful choices ranging from light appetizers, fresh pastas, meat and seafood-based dishes to pizzas and desserts. Some of the popular favorites are the mushroom soup, Cesar and tuna salads, quinoa with vegetables, black cuttlefish tagliatelle, veal fillet with fennel and bass fillet with oranges, among others.


Chefeê’s extensive pizza menu includes all the classics as well as the ones with prosciutto cotto and Philadelphia and, last but not least, numerous white pizzas with Tartuffe, for those who like their pizzas tomato sauce-free. All pizzas are prepared by talented and experienced pizzaiolos.


The Chefeê desserts are reason enough to visit this spot. If you’re craving crème brûlée or soufflé, you will find some delicious, freshly-made ones here. But, there are many other options that you should definitely taste for yourself.

Address: Chefeê is located on “Brigada e VIII” Street, Building 8, across from Sky Tower in Blloku. For more information, please call +355 675004005.

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