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Dajti Mountain

A Fantastic Escape Just a Stone’s Throw from Tirana

When visiting the capital city of Tirana, you may find yourself dreaming of a swift exit to someplace a little more green and peaceful. Well, look no further than the gorgeous natural surroundings of the iconic Dajti Mountain.

This picturesque mountain enhances and frames the landscape of Tirana, and best of all is just a 15-minute cable car ride from the city. The ascent itself is something to be savoured with stunning views as you reach the top. Once at the top, you are immersed in a spectacle of luscious natural colours, that will leave any visitor feeling nourished and reinvigorated after some busy days in Tirana. It’s hard to believe that such peace and quiet exists mere minutes from the capital.

All Aboard the Dajti Express.

Reaching an elevation of 1,613 metres and crossing an area of 294km2, the Dajti Express offers the shortest and the most gorgeous ride to a panoramic view showcasing Albanian nature in all of its natural splendour. Upon arrival, you’re greeted by a meadow of beech forests as you step off the Dajti express onto the terrace. If you choose to forego the minibus ride to the peak of the mountain then you will be rewarded with a pleasant stroll through forests made-up of beech, oak, cherry, and black pine trees. An experience to fully detach you from the urban life of Tirana you left behind. And just for this moment, you are at one with nature!

For the more active types, The Dajti Park offers horseback rides amongst other forms of outdoor activities. And for the families, an adventure park opened just a couple of months ago and has swiftly become the main attraction for those mountain-goers with kids.

Something for Sightseeing.

During sunset, the high vantage point offers a rare spectacle that is Tirana’s shimmering lights. Enjoy a breathtaking view from the restaurant Ballkoni i Dajtit, where a warm, cabin-like atmosphere awaits you. Enhance the view and your experience by sipping on Albanian wine, and sampling exquisite traditional Albanian food. It all sounds rather romantic, right? Well, perhaps the whole experience could be likened to an Albanian version of ‘La La Land’. You may even feel the spirit and music of the evening and find yourself dancing much like Gosling and Stone above the twinkling city lights of Tirana. As you’re brought back down to earth and descend the mountain, this sensory experience will last long after your trip is finished.

If you’d rather skip the cable car and hike up the mountain, you can find a trail map here that can be your guide. For information on planning your trip, please visit the official official Dajti Express website. For a more personal perspective, click here and here to get some tips from these savvy travel bloggers.

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