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Dardha: The Idyllic Winter Village 

At a height of 1344 meters, this ultra-cozy 300-year-old southern touristic village with unforgettable panoramas and delicious food is the place to spend your fantasy winter weekend.   

Not only winter, but all seasons of the year are perfectly manifested in Dardha, thanks to its lucky position among mountains and forests. Yet, in the winter, Dardha may be one of the most surprisingly perfect touristic villages in Albania. Snow-covered traditional houses, some of the best traditional foods in the country, a kind of freshness that fills your lungs with air and makes you feel totally rejuvenated. These, among plenty of other aspects, have tourists rushing to this wonderfully regenerative destination.

Name and Origin

The name Dardha, meaning “pear” in Albanian, refers to a wild pear tree that became a landmark of the area. When people first asked the initial residents of the village where they lived, they would always answer “near the pear tree,” and, thus, the name was born. The village was established 300 years ago from “rebels” who refused to convert to Islam during the Ottoman Empire. Not coincidentally, it is this exact sense of freedom that you feel while being immersed in the perfect colors of Dardha’s landscape and nature.

Warm and Cozy Atmosphere

Imagine a warm corner near the fire, reading a good book or watching one of those classic black and white movies while outside it is snowing. As if by magic, this entire image comes to life in Dardha. The smoke clouds coming out of the chimneys further emphasize this idyllic winter scene! Many tourists come here to ski as well, often using one of the ski packages from local travel companies as guides.

Artistic Village

While during the winter Dardha is covered in white, the three remaining seasons also display such a rich variety of colors that you instantly realize why so many important Albanian painters and artists hail from this place. From the renowned Zengo family, to Kostandin Zografi and author Teodor Laço, this village has profoundly influenced the cultural Albanian landscape.

How to get there

Dardha is located only 20 km southeast of Korça. After about 3 and a half hours of driving, following the itinerary Tirana – Korça, take the direction towards Erseka and drive until you see the sign for Dardha on the left side of the road.

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