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Dhërmi: The Idyllic Summer Village

The sun never seems to stop shining in Dhërmi, with its breathtakingly clear waters, historic monuments, and a buzzing nightlife for locals and visitors.

An Idyllic Summer Village

The village of Dhërmi has earned so much popularity among Albanians in the last several decades, that its very name has become synonymous with summer itself. In fact, the many elements within and surrounding this village so perfectly reflect the hot summer, that is has become quite difficult to fully experience the season without immersing yourself in its beautiful nature, and diving into its brisk sparkling waters.


“In front of the sea, happiness is a simple idea”, the French writer Jean Claude Izzo once wrote, and, indeed, Dhërmi’s part of the Ionian Coast is deserving of these poetic lines. It is for this very reason that thousands of local and foreign tourists annually choose Dhërmi as their summer vacation destination. Dhërmi never disappoints with its countless shades of blue, spectacular bays, water sports, and the always dependable sunshine. A place quite simply, it seems, that everyone is happy!

Nightlife in Dhërmi

In Dhërmi, as well as in its neighboring beaches of Palasë, Drimadhes (Drymades), and Jali, you will find some of the nation’s most prestigious summer nightclubs. They are perhaps one of the main contributors to Tirana’s sudden emptiness during the period from June to August. The capital’s youth is generally found in these vibrant, open-air clubs where some of the best international DJs host their exclusive summer parties. During the hot summer nights, it’s difficult to rival this buzzing atmosphere, which is full of the energy of excited summer party-goers.

Old Churches

Hypnotised by the sea and nightlife, many of Dhërmi’s visitors quite often neglect the unique history of the village itself. The village’s past is especially visible in its many well-preserved churches, which are definitely worth exploring. One of these particular churches is the Panagia Monastery Church which was built in the 12th century. Also known as the Queen Church, due to a visit from Anna Comnena, daughter of Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos, this church’s history and architecture perfectly represent Dhërmi’s cultural heritage.


Due to its constant popularity, Dhërmi has attracted some of the best Albanian chefs to its countless kitchens. The organic village produce combine with the fresh seafood of the Ionian to add even more taste to an already exquisite experience. There are many restaurants to choose from, most serving their delicious dishes on open verandas overlooking the Ionian Sea. Some of our top recommendations Royal Blue Restaurant, and Elysium Restaurant.

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