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Favorite 10: A Day in Tirana with Arbër Çepani

What better way to get to know the capital than a foolproof guide by this well-known TV personality, entrepreneur, and owner of one of the most visited touristic spots in town, Komiteti Café-Museum? To see his favorite Tirana hangouts, read over his list below.

Favorite Café: 

I am a serious admirer of coffee and just love to smell and taste it so I also love to get to know the product I have in my cup. For this simple reason, I feel that Coffee-Lab is one of the most interesting coffeehouses in town. They roast the coffee inhouse and can tell you all about the history and origin of their product.


Once upon a time, the most mainstream landmark was the Skanderbeg Statue in the center of town but today, the capital is full of many creative reference points. I especially like the road where Albania’s former Prime Minister resides called “Sala’s Street.” It’s always buzzing with plenty of bars and cool hangouts.

Random Spot:

Here, I would suggest a walk among the interior roads linking the reconstructed ministry buildings in the city center. Even though they sit right in the center of town, there is a certain tranquility among the gardens of these institutions that you cannot find outside of it. Living in the capital, this is something to consider!

One of the ministry buildings along the boulevard, photo by IntoAlbania

Go-to Lunch Restaurant:

As a vegetarian and lover of healthy food, I usually go for one of these three spots: Veggies, Luga e Argjendtë (The Silver Spoon), or Happy Belly.

Dish in a local restaurant:

Byrek me hithra (Crusty traditional pie filled with wild greens) at Ceren Ismet Shehu Restaurant.

Happy hour drink and place:

A cocktail at Colonial Bar in Blloku is kind of a therapeutic experience, nice to share with others.

Guilty Pleasure:

An authentically Albanian street food stand like Sita (“The Sieve”), curated by famous chef Bledar Kola, is a pleasantly unexpected stop for all casual passersby in the city.

Culture Spot:

Letting go of all my modesty here: Café-Museum Komiteti is it.

Komiteti Bar, Urban Life

Café-Museum Komiteti, Tirana. photo by IntoAlbania.

Go-to Dinner restaurant:

Salt, Padam or Artisti. In all three, you’ll find both good food and a nice atmosphere.


Hemingway Bar, Radio, or Nouvelle Vague – these are the ones where I feel most at home.

Nouvelle counter, photo by IntoAlbania.

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