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Flag Square

A Tribute to History

Albania’s Independence was declared on November 28th in Vlora, thus marking the most significant moment in the history of Albania. As the place that saw the entire National Independence movement take place, Flag Square in Vlora is one of the most important squares in the country. You will see the Independence Monument right in the center of the square. It reveals the masterful work of the most renowned national sculptors: Muntaz Dhrami, Kristaq Rama and Shaban Hadëri.

The most prominent figure, among the ones in the bronze sculptural complex, is Ismail Qemali, the main architect of the Independence movement and Albania’s first Prime Minister. The monument is 17 meters in height with a large bronze flag waving in its very center.

In the Flag Square you will also notice the Flagpole Monument, a sculpture decorated with the date of Independence Day and the eagle, the national symbol. Another very significant monument is Ismail Qemali’s tomb, located right behind the Flagpole Monument. Visiting this tomb may be a nice opportunity to honor the most important figure of Albania’s history.

Suggestions: Don’t forget to visit this square on Independence Day, November 28, since a lot of activities are held here each year.

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