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Folie Terrace

The All-Around Best Party Spot in the Capital

Contemporary music, popular DJs, great cocktails and a very convenient location are only some of the elements that make this indoor/outdoor night club a must-visit nightlife spot.

You cannot rightly say that you have fully experienced Tirana’s nightlife unless you have been to Folie – as it is locally known – at least once. Hundreds of locals choose this highly popular spot every weekend to enjoy exactly what its name suggests, some well-deserved weekend craziness! Best known for its nice selection of the latest music, high tech atmosphere and sound, as well as great cocktails, this club offers all you need for a memorable weekend party.

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Arena Style Design

Folie Terrace’s large and modern outdoor arena, which stays open during the entire summer, fits in hundreds of people. With enough space for simply hanging out and enjoying a drink by your personal table to dancing the entire night away, the club leaves the choice of how you want to spend the night to you. Perhaps it is for this reason, that the club is best experienced in the summer. However, Folie Terrace remains full even in the winter months with its smaller, yet equally addictive, indoor space. In both cases, the design and organization of the space is modern and fun. Similar to the trendiest European clubs, a night spent at Folie is as much Albanian as it is international.  

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The music selection offers a nice mix of Albanian and international hits with both DJs and live performers gracing the stage. Some of the most well-known Albanian DJs such as Aldo, Sardi and Mickey are regulars at Folie Terrace. Famous international names like Axwell and Fedde Le Grand have hosted some wild parties here, as well. Visit the Folie Terrace Facebook page to keep updated on the best events and catch your favorite DJs in action.

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Age Group

The great things about Folie Terrace is that, here, you will find people from all age groups. Most of the clientele is mostly around 20-30 years old but there are plenty of 30+ dance lovers here! Please note that the club also offers a nice VIP area for those who like a bit more privacy or simply enjoy watching the crowd from a distance.

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Folie Marine @ Jal Bay

While Folie Terrace in Tirana continues to be a hot spot during the summer, another Folie opens up in the Albanian Riviera, along the southern Ionian coast. Folie Marine is specifically situated in Jal Bay, one of the most spectacular and historically fascinating beaches in the country. Much more than a club, Folie Marine Hotel & Club perhaps best represents the entire idyllic beach experience in Albania! The newly-constructed luxury hotel was recently added to the already existing nightclub (which has been very popular for almost a decade!) to create a new atmosphere of ease and comfort during the day and a vibrant party scene by night. Remember, this place is called Folie for a reason!

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