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Fresh Garden: A One-of-a-Kind Food Market and Restaurant

All the regulars of the Blloku quarter in Tirana have recently become acquainted with a new, fresh and affordable reality that has taken over this popular area of town. Its name is Fresh Garden.

Fresh Market is one of those food markets that really makes a difference. With a great variety of the freshest fruits, vegetables and homemade products, which can also be enjoyed in the restaurant on the upper floor of the food market, this new venue has become a healthy and dependable option in an area that is otherwise inundated with pubs and coffee shops.

Photo by Fresh Garden.


The idea behind Fresh Garden is really quite simple: the creation of a space where the customer is guaranteed fresh ingredients, the quality of which is always inspected. The food market is supplied with products from a one-hectare land, located in a village in the outskirts of Tirana. The farm produces all the standard fruits and vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and as much as 26 different cultures which supply every entity under the Fresh Garden brand.

Pictured: Poached Egg Toast with Avocado and Mozzarella from the Brunch Menu. Photo by Fresh Garden.

Restaurant and Prices

Though now it has expanded to include the general public in its client base, the restaurant was initially created expressly for the employees of Fast Tech, a company that is part of the same business group that includes Fresh Garden. Andis Papa is the head of both businesses. A great number of the products come from the company’s property, something which ensures a constantly updated menu, based on the season’s fresh offerings, with affordable prices.

Photo by Fresh Garden.

As a result, unlike any other restaurant of the same kind in Tirana, the dishes here are incredibly cheap, especially considering their quality. A Cesar or Arugula Salad costs only 220 ALL, Penne with Tomatoes and Basil, 150 ALL, Chicken Fillet with Walnuts and Pesto, 350 ALL, and Risotto with Vegetables and Chicken is only 270 ALL. The full menu and specials are updated daily on the Fresh Garden App.

Food Market

At Fresh Garden, the customers can find dozens of fruits and vegetables, produced in the company’s own farms or carefully selected from local farmers.

Photo by Fresh Garden.

The food market is also equipped with its own bakery, which ensures a variety of hot, oven-baked, artisanal bread loaves served daily! You’ll also find a slew of other tasty dough-based products including the traditional Albanian favorite byrek, a scrumptious pastry that can be prepared with savory or sweet fillings. You can try the most popular ones like byrek with spinach, cheese, or squash. Apple strudels and fruit tarts are also a couple of the fresh desserts concocted at Fresh Garden, among others.

The bakery at Fresh Garden.

Photo by Fresh Garden.

Photo by Fresh Garden.

Next time you find yourself in the Blloku quarter, take a moment to step in Fresh Garden and enjoy its wonderful offerings. Both food market and restaurant are located right across from Sky Tower.

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