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Gambero Gourmet

High-quality products, cutting-edge culinary technology, and the chefs’ determination in offering the very best for their customers along with a selection of more than 140 wines give Gambero Gourmet its reputation as a truly luxurious restaurant. Gambero Gourmet is situated in the most idyllic area of the capital, where one can breathe the freshest air, be surrounded by a beautiful lake and relaxing landscape. High standards of cleanliness, order, and customer service are indisputable values of this restaurant.

Inside the restaurant. Photo source: Gambero Gourmet.

Photo credits: Gambero Gourmet.

Photo credits: Gambero Gourmet.

This is the right place to enjoy delicious food, prepared with passion and masterfully complemented with select Italian, French and Spanish fine wines. If looking for more intimacy, Gambero offers their Prive room, a fully-equipped space with a pleasant atmosphere.

Asparagus and creamy fillet. Photo by Gambero Gourmet.

Tuna fillet with vegetables and cauliflower. Photo by Gambero Gourmet.

Rose chest with forest fruit, lime and oil flavored with cloves. Photo by Gambero Gourmet.

Photo by Gambero Gourmet.

Octopus with pomodorini confi and cream peas. Photo by Gambero Gourmet.

Mus with chocolate, dressed with forest fruits and ice cream. Photo by Gambero Gourmet.

Here, even your car will be taken care of with their safe and spacious parking lot.

The parking of Gambero Gourmet. Photo source: Gambero.

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