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Gjirokastra Bazaar

Handcrafted gifts and cobblestoned streets make for a blissful shopping experience

The Gjirokastra Bazaar neighbourhood lies long beneath the castle walls, with its cobblestoned streets, medieval facades, and array of wonderfully handcrafted gifts.

Built over 500 years ago, the Gjirokastra Bazaar is one of eight oldest districts of Gjirokastër, stretching out long below the castle walls. It remains under continuous reconstruction due to its age and historical significance as a UNESCO national and world heritage site. Several travel journals and other documents mention the bazaar dating back to the Middle Ages.

The bazaar’s life began within the walls of the castle, which used to surround the city of Gjirokastër. As the population increased however, families began to venture out and lay the first foundations of commercial constructions outside of the castle walls. The neighbourhood known as Qafa e Pazarit (Bazaar’s Pass), is one of the most recognisable in this “city made of stone”. It is visited annually by thousands of foreign tourists. Here, they can find some of the best-handcrafted travel mementos in woodstone, and fabric, all handmade with pride by true masters of their crafts.

The facades of the surrounding houses offer an aesthetically interesting view of the medieval buildings, while the shops that spread throughout the bazaar provide a variety of objects, facilities, and services. The characteristic cobblestone is one of the most beautiful elements of this neighbourhood. Furthermore, newly excavated ruins enrich the surrounding area!

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