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Grama Mountain

Dibra’s Spectacular Ranges

The interweaving of its awe-inspiring rugged landscape with a rich history, culture, and culinary tradition makes Dibra uniquely attractive, a must-see region of the country’s north.

Grama Mountain is one of the most amazing destinations especially for lovers of the outdoors, hikers, and explorers. Never disappointing, the grandeur of the Grama mountain range includes the majestic Mount Korab, the highest peak in the country. Here in Dibra, everything is fanatically guarded and protected by the inhabitants of the area, who live according to unwritten laws, specifically for the non-encroachment of their gorgeous forests.

Grama Mountain, Dibra. Photo by Zenulla Mehmeti.

What to expect

Positioned just 9 km from Peshkopi, Grama Mountain is covered in soft pine forests, a massive glacial lake, mountain farms, and crystal-clear water springs. One of the most important parts of the amazing Korab-Koritnik National Park, the mountain, which reaches an altitude of 2,345 meters, is also rich in medicinal plants. It is the natural habitat of rare wild animals like the endangered and gorgeous Balkan Lynx as well as wild goats, mountain quails, and more. If you plan a visit here, expect to find the quintessential warmth and hospitality the Albanian north is known for in the many farmhouses along the area. You will enjoy farm fresh dairy products and delicious traditional cuisine.

Grama Mountain, Dibra. Photo by Zenulla Mehmeti.

Beautiful sites of Grama Mountain 

The mountain of Grama is accessible via several routes, all blessed with the scenic roads of the area. A part of the way can be made by car, while the numerous natural monuments can only be reached by foot. These monuments include, among others, Grama’s Mirrors, composed of a large reflective rock, the White Mountain Karst, formed by gypsum, Shllinas of Vrenjt, a massive rock formation in Vrenjt Village, the Zonja (Lady) Mountains as well as Grama Lake.

Grama’s Mirrors, Dibra. Photo by Zenulla Mehmeti.

Grama’s Mirrors refer to a solid rock that is 500 meters long and 200 meters wide, located at an altitude of 1900 meters. The massive surface of the rock reflects the sunlight like a mirror, the phenomenon that lends the site its name. Situated near Sllova Village, the “mirrors” are composed of shiny, selenium-plated gypsum strips. It is advisable to do this tour under the guidance of local shepherds or guides as the trail is not marked.

Grama Lake. Photo from Visit Dibra

Grama Lake is another spectacular natural monument here. Located in the massif of Grama Mountain, the lake stretches along an altitude of over 2000 meters. The glacial lake has a crystal clear cold water in the warmer seasons while, in the winter, its surface freezes. Rich in flora and fauna, the lake represents a fascinating alpine lake ecosystem.

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