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The Idyllic Coastal Town of the Ionian

Himara, the largest village of the southern Riviera, is a must-see! Because of its strategic position along the Ionian coast, the village has had a long history of consistent growth. However, in the last couple of decades, it has seen grown exponentially. Of all the villages along the coast, Himara offers the most inclusive summer experience. This is why most prestigious travel guides recommend it without hesitation.

Beaches, Caves and Fresh Seafood 

Everything you need for a nice and fairly inexpensive vacation in the south is here! Unspoiled beauty and brisk blue waters. Wonderful seafood and Mediterranean cuisine. Delicious locally-produced products, old churches, spectacular hiking trails, and more. Most importantly, you can easily reach all the exclusive beaches of the Albanian Riviera from this central location. Some of the most beautiful beaches in proximity to Himara are Livadh, Potam and Llaman. But, don’t forget the caves! Spile Cave and Pigeon’s Cave, in the Ilias village, are spectacular sites. Some more outdoor adventure opportunities around this area include hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, and paragliding, among others.

Old Ruins

The road toward Himara continues a bit further after descending Llogara Pass. This mountainous and coastal expanse holds a monumental ancient history and cultural heritage. Himara alone has a castle, several churches and byzantine monasteries worth exploring on your off-beach time. You should begin with the Castle of Himara, built in the 3-4th centuries, B.C. Himara’s ancient olive groves also hide the beautiful churches of St. Stephen and of St. Spyridon.

A charming site is Himara’s small port, located at the heart of town. Here, countless fishing boats bring fresh seafood daily. Small yachts or motorboats take visitors to the beautiful Ionian islands. Many visitors enjoy the view form the countless cafes along the port. But, Himara’s town center is popular also for its vibrant town promenade. The latter comes to life especially in the evenings and nights. People relax and enjoy dinner and drinks in the various restaurants and bars along the promenade. The nightclub scene is not too bad either!

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