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Jali Bay

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Jali Bay

Into Sea

Once Exclusively for the Elite, Now a Popular Spot of the Albanian Riviera

For a fascinating and fun summer adventure, head just a few kilometers south of Himara, to Jali Bay. Though fairly small, this particular bay certainly does not lack in variety. To begin with, the road from Himara to Jali is breathtakingly beautiful! It takes you through an olive and sycamore tree-lined winding street along the picturesque Vuno village. The bay is a fairly quiet spot, with crystal-clear and permanently brisk waters. It has a recognizable semi-circular shoreline that looks too perfect to be real! In addition, the steep hill cutting into the sea provides an ideal level of seclusion from the main highway. In fact, this particular beach was the former communist government’s favorite retreat. It now continues to exert the same magnetic power over the general population.


Jali’s 300 meters of pebbled shoreline boasts perhaps the clearest sea of the southern Riviera. Because of the bay’s currents, the underwater flora and fauna are fairly rich and close to the shore. Though you can effortlessly see the seabed, you may choose to dive into these inviting waters. At the end of the day, make sure you enjoy the sunsets here. Due to the bay’s position relative to the sun, here you will see some of the most amazing sunsets!


Jali is the most famous camping site of the southern Riviera. Established long before the camping trend made its to Albania, camping in Jali has, by now, become a tradition. The younger generation, who prefers an alternative and inexpensive beach experience, all but invades Jali every summer! If you are on a budget or simply prefer a casual social setting, you should try it out! For an entirely different atmosphere, in addition to the guesthouses, hotels and camping options near the beach, you can stay in the quaint Vuno village, located right above Jali Bay. Entirely built in stone, the village resembles the idyllic villages of southern Italy. Beautiful old churches are scattered throughout. Here, you will come to contact with the traditional way of life and meet the friendly locals.


The wild nightlife in this small bay is not to be missed! For more than a decade now, Jali has hosted one of the craziest summer clubs in the country, fittingly called Folie Marine. In the day, this club gathers loyal visitors in its private, luxurious beach area, which serves some of the best cocktails in town. At night, the area metamorphoses into party central! Every weekend, this club organizes the greatest parties in town, where anything from reggae to electronic to pop beats resounds across the bay.


Last but not least, the secluded Jali Beach reserves some fascinating sightseeing opportunities. On one of the hills that encircle the bay, one can easily spot a building from the 1970s. Once upon a time, this imposing structure hosted Communist government officials who retired to this spot for its seclusion and the best views of the sea. Today, though it houses senior officers of the Albanian army, the building is open to tourists. A massive stone stairwell takes you to the top, where you can enjoy one of the very best panoramic views!

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  • Address: Rruga Bregdet Jal, SH8, Vuno, Himare, Albania Get Directions

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