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Kino is one of the newest hot spots in the bar-filled ish-Blloku area in Tirana. Its nice location in the most popular street in the block, among other highly frequented bars like Charl’s, Colonial, or Çoko, made it highly visible from the get-go. But, Kino’s unique charm has differentiated it from the rest, attracted a variety of people and has swiftly created a loyal customer base.

You might notice the colorful, Cuban-inspired patio as you walk into this large outdoor space. Yet, the most noticeable and memorable detail at Kino is its bar, which replicates a vintage theater hall in its every detail: the lights, the marquee board, and the black stripes. One senses western influences here (the famous Chicago theater comes to mind!) but, in reality, Kino is one of the few places in town that actually celebrates Albanian cinema. You’ll see several vintage movie posters and photographs hanging on the walls surrounded by old theater seats.

Kino bar style, photo by IntoAlbania.

You will not miss other details like traditional rugs and seats which give the place color and a wonderful nostalgic feel. However, hanging out here takes a decidedly contemporary turn. Kino organizes a variety of events throughout the week including live performances from local artists, silent parties, jazz nights, and DJ sets, among others. Of course, movie night is one of the most popular with both indoor and outdoor showings. The movie selection is unexpected and generally quite great.

Kino bar veranda, photo by IntoAlbania.

The large veranda is chock full of people each and every night of the week. During the day, Kino doubles as a wonderfully relaxing café while, at night, the bar comes alive with people and music. Kino serves a variety of popular and selected, lesser known beers for the beer enthusiasts. Yet, Kino is best known for its fresh cocktails and martinis.

Kino bar counter, photo by IntoAlbania.

Bonus: The street where Kino is located has some interesting graffiti and, right across from Kino, you will find one of the best political ones.

Check out Kino’s Instagram or Facebook for updates on movies and shows as well as for their alternately clever or inspiring messages on the marquee board.

By: IntoAlbania

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