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Kir Valley in Shkodra

The Hidden Beauty of the North

Among the rare and variety-filled landscape surrounding the northern city of Shkodra, the spectacular Kir Valley is making a spectacular appearance as one of the must-see destinations of the country.

“Shkodra asht dashni,” or Shkodra “is love”, as we say in Albania. Not only for its unique culture but the incredible landscape surrounding it. The northern city is particularly blessed in terms of its natural gifts as it is the only one in Albania to have a mountain, a sea, a river and a lake.

If you happen to visit Rozafa Castle, you can enjoy a panorama of the three rivers of Kir, Drin and Buna, from its towering position over the city. On the other side rests the Shkodra Lake in all its soothing majesty. Yet, this is not all! Shkodra never ceases to give, with new gorgeous sites rearing their heads and commanding attention from visitors by the minute.

View of Kir River from Rozafa Castle. Photo by Liridon Shala

Amidst the various beauty that this northern terrain offers, the Kir Valley has recently made a name for itself. The gorgeous site is quickly becoming a popular touristic destination among outdoor lovers. The recently improved infrastructure is another reason why people are increasingly finding their way to Kir Valley.

Kir Valley in Shkodra. Photo by Afrim Tahiraj

Prekal Village

Located approximately 26 km from the city center, the valley includes the picturesque Prekal Village. Locals have been mobilized by the recent popularity and have started investing in the area with various pleasant bars and restaurants. The latter offer only local fresh foods, a simple yet delicious cuisine.  The small village is surrounded by tall cliffs covered in lush vegetations, offering an invigorating view and swiftly becoming a favorite spot among paragliders. The numerous waterfalls around make for an entertaining hike, as well.

Prekal Village, Shkodra. Photo by Julinda Lola.

Zhyla Cave

Located close to the village and on the left bank of the Kir River, the 400-meter-tall and 104-meter-long cave is made of consecutive openings that create a hypnotizing effect. We recommend that you visit this cave in the summer when the water level is a bit lower, which makes exploration much easier.

Kir Valley. Photo by Mirsad Basha

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