Ksamil Islands: Discover the wonderful colors of Albania - Into Albania

Ksamil Islands: Discover the wonderful colors of Albania

Into Sea

Ksamil Islands: Discover the wonderful colors of Albania

Into Sea

Beautifully concluding the Albanian Riviera is the village of Ksamil, which happens to be one of the best surprises Albanian tourism has to offer. Thanks to the especially clear and brisk waters of the famous islands of Ksamil, and the proximity to the ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO Heritage Site, this place has attracted the special attention of international media which have listed it as one of the European Southern Destinations you should not miss.

The Twin Islands of Ksamil

There are a total of four spectacular islands in Ksamil. The most famous ones are the Twin Islands, which are connected to one another via a narrow sand belt. However, they have their own specific beauty and charm and are all definitely worth visiting and all are easily reachable from shore! The perfect tranquility and dense greenery of these islands resemble a tropical paradise which you won’t want to leave!

Here, you can go canoeing, diving, or book a boat trip. The delicious seafood dishes served in the numerous restaurants of Ksamil, and the tasty cocktails, which can be enjoyed under the sun, are some more reasons why you will thoroughly enjoy your time here. Splash in these waters to your heart’s delight, take photographs of this photogenic devil, and definitely take a Mussel Tour when in Ksamil! This innovative and charming tour was created by a local youngster and has been a big hit in the last couple of years! (For more information about the tour click here)

Public Transportation

All the above-mentioned beaches can be reached by public transportation. The point of departure is the Mother Teresa Square in Saranda (Sheshi Nënë Tereza). The trip takes about 20-30 minutes and costs 100 lekë. Make sure to ask the bus driver for the daily schedule of the return trips, as well.

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