Lengarica Canyon - Into Albania

Lengarica Canyon


This hidden gem, Lengarica Canyon, gives visitors a chance to wind their way along a beautiful canyon trail. Decorated with stunning rock formations, and accompanied by the ambling river alongside them.

Most visitors to Albania know of the wonderful Benjë thermal baths, located in the Fir of Hotova National Park. Most, however, may have not heard of the Lengarica Canyon. This gorgeous surprise, located within the park, is an absolute must-see. Lengarica Canyon stretches across a length of 4 – 5 km, with a height of up to 150m. This spectacular journey includes ancient rock formations with the Lengarica River flowing through them – the river responsible for those curative Benjë thermal waters.

Katiu Bridge

The journey begins at the 19th century Katiu Bridge, located 8 km from Përmet. Built by the famous despotic leader Ali Pashë Tepelena, this typical Ottoman bridge is on the small and charming side – one large arch extending gracefully over the river. As you journey along, the path leads you all the way to the slopes of the canyon. Here, the separated rocky cliffs stand extremely close to one another, creating a striking divide. More spectacular sights unravel as you hike along the canyon and swim across its small water basins. The entire journey lasts for up to 5-6 hours, but is worth every minute of your time!

Caves and Canyons

Along the canyon adventure, you’ll be able to spot several caves. The most impressive is Pigeons’ Cave, at 160m long and up to 3m high in some points. Yet it’s not only its remarkable appearance that makes this particular cave stand out. Over 4000-year-old human remains from the Neolithic period were found here, granting the cave hugely important archaeological and anthropological value.

This canyon trek is fascinating adventure through geological and human history! The river closely accompanies you along your way, while the beautiful sights transport you to seemingly another world – of revitalizing fresh air, thermal waters, and stunning geology. This is one adventure not to be missed!

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