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Lin Village

The village of Lin appears below, as you drive down the national road that leads to Pogradec. This small peninsula softly joins the shores of Lake Ohrid. It was once called “Lake of Light” perhaps because the light of both the sun and the moon wholly illuminate its surface year-round. Indeed, this lake’s reflections are legendary! Hundreds of locals reside in this small but beautiful peninsula. As you descend the road to get there, you will notice the beautiful red roofs of its characteristic small homes. One of the oldest mosaics in the eastern European region, dating back to the 4 th century, is found here. Its intricate designs and beauty are only matched by the surrounding landscape!

Photo courtesy of Nikol Likja.

Photo by IntoAlbania.

Our suggestion: One of the best guesthouses in the village is “Vila 43“, with an intimate and private beach area and garden, and with direct access to the lake.

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