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The Capital’s Perennially Popular Dance Club Establishment

Located at the heart of Bllok, this highly established dance club has been lighting up the local nightlife scene for more than a decade.

Established in 2006, Lollipop has been a local favorite since its very beginnings. This well-established venue, one of the first contemporary local nightclubs, has enjoyed continuous popularity thanks to its location at the heart of the bustling Bllok, its vibrant atmosphere and some of the best dance music around.


A nice rotation of famous Albanian and international DJs host parties of various genres here. Usually, the night begins with more pop and R&B hits and gradually moves into electronic and house music. Only recently, for instance, Lollipop hosted parties by the local legendary DJ Aldo with a nostalgic 90s theme, the popular hip-hop artist Noizy, and the Russian duo Filatov and Karas, internationally famous for hits like “Time Won’t Wait” and their hit remake of Imany’s “Don’t Be So Shy.” In order to keep updated, check out their Facebook and Instagram.

Style and Venue

As it has been around longer than most other clubs in Tirana, Lollipop always finds ways to reinvent itself. The design of this medium-sized venue, which fits about 500 people, is modern and spacious. The place includes ample space for dancing among the high tables, set up to nicely keep your drink steady as you dance the night away. For a more intimate experience, there is a VIP area which sits slightly above the bar.

When to go

While the club attracts party lovers of every age, the most common range you will find here is 20-30. Like many of the dance clubs in Tirana, the party begins around 1 AM, reaching its climax at around 3 AM. However, do not hold us to this as many nights are unpredictable! As with other dance clubs, Fridays and Saturdays are the nights to go to get the full experience.

Summer Location

During the summer, Lollipop moves to one of the trendiest beaches of the Riviera, in the gorgeous south of Albania. You may find it in either Drimadhes, Dhërmi, Palasë or a new location. As you may imagine, an entirely new and fresh atmosphere is created in the open air, surrounded by the beautiful Ionian.


    Ibrahim Rrugova Street, Ish-Blloku Get Directions

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