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Nano Resort

Nano Resort

Enjoy All That Nature Has to Offer  

Right outside the capital, experience a beautiful return to nature among greenhouses, vineyards, and simple, delicious traditional food.


If you find yourself in the capital of Tirana, it will only take you a short ride to discover this beautiful and relaxing oasis. The resort is conveniently located 13 km away so the trip will last no longer than 30 minutes. The departure point is Elbasan St. which takes you to the roundabout of TEG, one of the largest shopping centers of the capital. From here, you take the road that takes you behind TEG and continue your comfortable journey to Nano Resort, in Daias, Petrela Village. The paved road takes you along lush green spaces all the way to your destination.

Nano Resort decor. Photo source: facebook, @nanoresortbiofood.


The restaurant is in the midst of nature and devoted to nature. Agricultural products are grown in the complex’s own greenhouses and vineyards filled with white and red varieties. While enjoying your morning coffee or meals prepared with the resort’s own fresh produce, you will feel at one with nature and fully realize its nurturing powers. The menu is predominantly composed of traditional Albanian dishes with more continental offerings added on a regular basis. Warm dishes made with organic ingredients, full of flavor and color, are served on traditional artisanal table covers, creating an extremely appetizing inviting and atmosphere. The hotel, terrace and restaurant are all located across from one another.

Traditional plates at Nano Resort Restaurant. Photo source: facebook, @nanoresortbiofood.


Here, your eyes are truly soothed by the calming green spaces that stretch in front of you. The farm complex is meticulously segmented, with each sector – the seasonal fruits, the vineyards, the birds, and a small swan lake – not intruding on the other. Special attention is given to four-legged friends and bees, with their own space and beehives. In fact, Nano Resort is very welcoming to pets so do not hesitate to bring yours along for the experience. It is, indeed, a very warm and inclusive resort with something for everyone.

Photo source: facebook, nanoresortbiofood.

The Resort

There’s also a fully-equipped hotel that offers wonderful accommodation. The entire construction sits harmoniously among the hills, olive groves, and green valleys which stretch as far as the eye can see. Because of its great food, views, and location, Nano Resort enjoys a great popularity among both locals and tourists. Before taking off on your short trip, make sure to reserve a table at +355 67 203 0193. You can also check out their Facebook page for more details.

Photo source: facebook, @nanoresortbiofood.

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