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Ndërlysa’s Marble Pools

A Natural Sculpture Bathed in Light

Located within the stunning Theth National Park, these perfectly elegant natural pools carved in white rocks are one of its most attractive sites.

The Pools

Ndërlysa’s marble pools are a result of rare rock formations. The various and irregular geometric shapes, carved throughout the centuries by the water erupting from the rocks, will leave the visitor stunned. Constantly drenched by the wild waters of the river and the snow-covered streams, these pools are the ideal place for cooling down during the hot summer months. The pools’ surface is smooth and calming, the water crystal clear and the entire environment refreshing. However, please exercise caution if visiting this site with children and make sure you supervise their movement along the unpredictable terrain.

Theth National Park

Ndërlys Baths in Theth, Shkodra, photo by IntoAlbania.


Ndërlys Baths in Theth, Shkodra, photo by IntoAlbania.

A Carved Masterpiece

The gigantic rocks are predominantly white with light pink veins running throughout their surface, thus lending them an even more appealing appearance and giving the entire landscape a pleasant touch. The sun is beautifully reflected on the rocks’ pale surface throughout the year, making this particular area dazzle with light. The pools rise along a long valley that is surrounded by bountiful greenery and a wonderful mountainous landscape. The melted snow from the Alps has carved away at this landscape for years, creating an incredible natural monument which seems to have been sculpted by great artists.

Rocks at Ndërlys. Theth. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Ndërlys. Theth. Photo by IntoAlbania.

This gorgeous attraction is located in the peripheries of the northern village of Theth and become visible after you descend Theth Valley. The road to the pools is fairly easy to follow as the locals have equipped the entire trail with signs. To get there, you pass through Kaprre Village, after which you hike towards the direction of the destination. The pools, this unique natural phenomenon filled by the waters of the Black River, greet you at the end of the hike.

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