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Its name, which derives from the iconic French cinematic movement, aptly reflects the bar’s innovative character. Its now-famous long list of original, homemade cocktails and its contemporary look and vibrant design made Nouvelle Vague an instant favorite in Tirana since its opening in 2013.

Nouvelle Vague style, photo by IntoAlbania.

Due to its staying power in an area of the city where bars come and go at the speed of light, Nouvelle – as the locals refer to it – is now a landmark. You can hear the passionate discussions over the funky music playing in its intimate and permanently packed patio from a mile away. This is one of those places that you feel you have struck gold when you find a seat! Not to worry, for there is always more space inside the coveted bar, a much larger space than the veranda would suggest. Warmly lit, the atmosphere inside is both cozy and vibrant. During the week, it serves as the perfect place to enjoy a nice conversation with a delicious cocktail (or fresh smoothie in the daytime!). In the weekend, some of the best parties are thrown here and you cannot find this music elsewhere in Tirana.

Nouvelle exterior, photo by IntoAlbania.

The cocktails at Nouvelle are worth emphasizing. Their clever names – written in cute, chalk-drawn menu boards hanging on the patio – perfectly reflect the original mix of ingredients and fresh taste you will find here. For instance, a delicious rum concoction named “Rum si unë,” is a play on words of a popular Albanian expression that goes “Lum si unë”, meaning “Lucky me!” If you go with a local, you will have a blast trying to translate some of these.

Nouvelle cocktails, photo by IntoAlbania.

Nouvelle’s cocktails are so famous that you will find this bar’s bartenders taking their movable feast all over the country, at various times of the year, along with their loyal clientele in tow. Nouvelle’s Bossa Nova Cocktail Van, stationed at Livadhi Beach, during the summer is a perfect example. Another wonderful chance to not only enjoy great drinks but also a fresh, contemporary selection of live performances and movie showings, is at Tulla Nouvelle. The latter is a parternship between Nouvelle Vague and Tulla Culture Center. In the summers, this bar/culture & art space welcomes everyone in a wonderful terrace setting, located in the prime location of Skanderbeg Square.

For the latest news on events and collaborations, follow Nouvelle Vague on Facebook and Instagram.

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