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Organic Shop: Local Products of the Highest Quality

The vast, long-lasting, local experience of agronomist Zef Gjeta has led to the creation of Organic Shop, a unique space that gathers all of the very best natural traditional Albanian products.

Organic Shop, situated within the complex known as Gener-2 on Jordan Misja Street, is an entirely singular shop, unlike any you may have come across in the capital. It is a social business which, more than three years ago, introduced the concept of gathering the very best, authentic local products in one place. Today, you can find more than sixteen kinds of cheeses, eight types of honey, twelve flavors of homemade jams, fourteen types of raki, ten types of gliko, five kinds of prosciutto, as well as other meats and farm fresh products such as bee milk, butter, cottage cheese, walnuts, beans, oats, almonds, dried mushrooms, and more.

Organic Shop, photo by IntoAlbania.

How it came to be

Professional agronomist Zef Gjeta, Associated Professor and Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, reveals that his idea to open a place like Organic Shop came about quite naturally. “My friends and acquaintances would always ask my advice on where to find the best cheese, jam, or any other similar product. Since I already had these contacts and could personally vouch for all the best producers in Albania, and even those minor vendors who had the highest quality but lacked the necessary certification, I decided to create a space where all this experience could be put to good use.”

Organic Shop, photo by IntoAlbania.

Nowadays, Organic Shop is a well-established name in the capital as the place where most people come to find products supplied directly from the producers. Think of it as a kind of farmers’ market inside a shop!

Social Business

The shop, which is run by Zef and his wife Nushë, has a societal function that goes well beyond product selling. After selecting the best local products from places that lack the means for necessary services like food analysis, trademarks and other guarantee-related requirements, Organic Shop undertakes the implementation of this entire process. The products are, then, distributed with the shop’s logo while also supporting the small local producers.

As a result, Organic Shop includes a wonderful and unexpected variety of products, from mulberry liqueur and quince raki to various jams, tarhana (local grains), teas and other products from villages all over Albania. Thus, when buying a product from Organic Shop, the buyer is not only getting the very best products of the country but also financially supporting rural, low-income families.

Organic Shop, photo by IntoAlbania.

Organic Shop, photo by IntoAlbania.

Organic Shop, photo by IntoAlbania.


There is hardly any high-quality Albanian product that is not included in this shop! Veleçik Milk provides blueberry, goat and cow cheeses, Musai, organic olive oil, fruit juices come from Eliksir and Dalmacia, Goxhomani offers delicious glikos from Berat, Amortentia, curative and cosmetic oils, Agro Zerja, pickles or jufka (local pasta) from Dibra, and so on.

There is no shortage of other delicious products, from a variety of marmalades made from ginger, nectarine and rosemary, bananas and rum, strawberries and different spices, to many other artisanal products. Marigold, honeycomb and thyme honey are some of the shop’s perennial best-sellers.

Different types of cheese at Organic Shop, photo by IntoAlbania.

Different types of tea, photo by IntoAlbania.

Souvenirs and traditional items at Organic Shop, photo by IntoAlbania.


Lastly, very much worth mentioning is how Zefi and Nusha’s passion for their products is entirely reflected on the space of this shop. They have much to say about the local producers and the origin of each product. They also give great suggestions on where to find the very best products, opening the doors to the remotest villages in the country and making such exotic places more accessible.

For more, stop by Organic Shop on Jordan Mistja Street or visit the shop’s official website. New products are always advertised on the shop’s social media accounts but you may also call and inquire about specific products.

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