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Peshtura Waterfall: A Spectacle Hidden in the Southern Highlands

Hidden away among the mountainous landscape of Tepelena, reaching Peshtura Waterfall grants the traveler a hike full of wonderful natural phenomena.

The gorgeous waterfall sits along the Tepelena highlands, an area that inspired many of Edward Lear’s watercolors. And, once you set out on this journey, you will understand why. Wear your best hiking shoes, pack some water, snacks and light change of clothes and be prepared to witness a spectacle that you thought belonged only in the movies.

Journey and Landscape

In order to arrive at Peshtura Waterfall, you will have to go through the Tepelena and Kurvelesh highlands where you will get the first taste of the incredible panoramas awaiting you along the journey. Countless streams have passed through this landscape creating impressive formations on this region’s limestone cliffs. You will have the chance to see a variety of karstic shapes created by the water’s carving away at the limestone for centuries. Deep chasms, numerous caves and waterfalls that resemble the most dazzling chandeliers: these are only some of the images you’ll find along the way to your destination.

Along the way, you will also undoubtedly notice the rippled sides of the Bënça Canyon. Mostly devoid of trees, on these surfaces you can witness the colorful traces of the water along the cliffsides. Another beautiful part of the journey is Progonat, a large village with a rich history.

The Hike

The hike lasts a little more than an hour. However, among these memorable cliffs and karstic wonders, you will surely lose track of time. The waterfall hides behind a steep slope of colorful cliffs, slightly overshadowed by a natural tunnel of rocks standing in the foreground. Once you walk through the latter, you will find yourself ankle-deep in the waters of the emerald-colored wonder that is Peshtura Waterfall.


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