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Pirates’ Cave

Dhërmi’s Most Popular Destinations

The famously gorgeous cave in the southern Ionian Riviera has inspired writers and continues to welcome the greatest number of visitors through its gorgeous entrance, naturally constructed on the pink cliffside.  

Almost no one visits Dhërmi in the summer without stopping by Pirates’ Cave, one of the most spectacular and popular in the country. It was the famous Albanian writer, Petro Marko, who wrote a beautiful book about this particular cave, a story which later was adapted to the screen. And, indeed, this cave seems to inspire all who experience it. Inside this cave, it is easy to lose yourself in another period in time, when pirates would find shelter among these rocks, as they fled the strong winds of the Ionian or simply stopped to unwind along their long journey.

Cave of the Pirates

Burimi i fotos: sq.wikipedia.org, Albinfo.

Pink Cliffs

The cave is fairly high, its circular ceiling culminating in an additional opening, similar to a chimney, from which the sunlight flows inside. The open ceiling of the cave gives the entire atmosphere a magical light, one which is especially enjoyed by those who dare to reach this secret spot, ideal for swimming, away from the sizzling summer sun. The gorgeous grand entrance to the cave has been perfectly sculpted into shape by limestone rocks. The cobalt waters of the Ionian, crystal clear until their depths, beautifully complement the pink color of the cliffs, created by layers of salt.

Location and Accessibility

The cave is located in Dhërmi, below the cliff where the Monastery of St. Todhri stands. The summer is the most ideal time to visit this cave as the waters are at their calmest and most peaceful in this period. The scene is quite different in the winter, when the waves crash into the cliffs and entry into the cave is much more challenging. This cave is perfect for professional rock climbers, as well, who can reach the opening in the ceiling by climbing on its interior walls. Once out, they can enjoy the beautiful view of Dhërmi from the up on the small hill. The cave is easily accessible by taking a boat from Dhërmi or Jali Bay.

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