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Promenade in Vlora

Fun and Entertainment by the Beach

Buzzing at all hours of the day and night, this wonderful kilometers-long walkway has you partaking in all kinds of fun activities while never leaving the seaside.

The promenade in Vlora, stretching along the Ionian shore, is one of the best locations for relaxing strolls, meditation, yoga, cycling and other sports, socializing and all kinds of parades. This 5 km-long paved road, with gateways into town and the beach, is the most modern part of this coastal city. Lined with palm trees and typical Mediterranean plants, it sits in perfect harmony with the surrounding space. Even the continual movement of vehicles is amazingly not bothersome at all as it becomes a natural part of the relaxing rhythm of this urban-sea space.

Location and Activities

The promenade starts in the area of town locally referred to as “Skela” and concludes as it approaches the beautiful zone of the “Cold Water” (Uji i Ftohtë), where the Ionian reveals some of its most stunning colors. Here is where locals and tourists gather for their evening walks, and their daily stops at countless bars, cafes and restaurants along the promenade. Toward the end of the promenade, many sports fans gather to watch various basketball or volleyball matches as well as other athletic events happening at all times of the day. The sea at arm’s length provides quite the background to all this activity.

What Not to Miss

A large plaza is situated along the first few meters of the promenade, with the stairs of an amphitheater sitting across from it. This is a sweet spot to fully enjoy the incredibly refreshing views of the sea, sun and sky. Various sculptures and installations are scattered throughout the promenade, giving the entire space extra charm. As you inch closer to the end of the pathway, you will notice what can be best described as the “glass balcony of the city.” This particular balcony is yet another spot that affords beautiful panoramas of the sea. This is also a strategic point from where you can watch any of the sports and games taking place in the multicolored courts below. You can visit also one of the most popular restaurants of the Riviera, Restaurant Bujari.

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