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Rabdisht Village

A Destination Made of Stone and Healing Waters

The traditional village in the northern Dibra region hides a glorious landscape, traces from antiquity, curative thermal pools, the most welcoming hosts in the world and the country’s most delicious food.

Dibra, the region of rich tradition, culture and history, is just as well-known for its gorgeous landscape and rugged terrain. The latter’s sheer variety comprises valleys, lakes, high peaks, and, amazingly, healing thermal pools that cure countless ailments. Should you visit Dibra, you will also be amazed by the local’s hospitality and boundless genersity. The doors in Dibra have historically always been open to friends and guests, as ancient tradition in these parts dictates.

Visitors looking over Rabdishti Valley. Photo by Grehan Uka.

Rabdisht Village. Photo by Grehan Uka.

Rabdisht Village 

About 45 km away from the city of Dibra, you will encounter the picturesque Rabdisht Village. Rabdisht was part of the famous project “100 Villages,” which improved the infrastructure and restored several elements in some of the most beautiful villages of the country. As such, while the traditional elements have been preserved, Rabdisht is also in great condition to welcome tourists. The popular village is one of the most visited spots by local tourists, because of its natural springs and thermal pools with proven curative properties, and no less because of its outdoor adventure offerings. This destination is preferred for its proximity to the city of Dibra and the variety of services and activities it offers.

Rabdisht Village. Photo by Visit Dibra.

Riding around Rabdisht. Photo by Visit Dibra.

Unique architecture

Rabdisht is distinguished by the peculiar architecture of its homes. In fact, it remains one of the most characteristic villages of Dibra due to the fanatic preservation of its authentic stone constructions. Cobblestones, alleys, and large wooden doors command your attention as soon as you enter the village. If you walk around, you will immediately notice the numerous water springs, which lend another kind of beauty and tranquility to the place. Above all, they are revered for their wonderful curative properties.

Houses in Rabdisht. Photo by Visit Dibra.

You will also find many natural monuments, as well, such as Grandmother’s Fountain (Kroi i gjyshes) or Eagle Rock (Guri i shqiponjës), which will make any traveler wander into a fantastical world.

Rabdisht Village from above. Photo by Visit Dibra.

A place of tradition

The village is the ideal destination for anyone looking to witness traces of various historical periods. Here, traces from ancient Illyria and those of the present day co-exist harmoniously. Indeed, some of that ancient tradition lives on in this historical village and it is found precisely in its guesthouses. Known for their incredible hospitality, the hosts always serve the most delicious traditional dishes made from local ingredients. Dibra is famous for its incredible authentic cuisinewhich includes delicious jufka, potatoes, gourmet dishes made with corn flour, fresh cheeses, seasonal fruits and raki. But above all, the harmony of these families with the village stands out, making it part of the friend reception shows how high the culture of friend reception stands in this village.

A traditional room in Dibra, called “oda”. Photo by Visit Dibra.

Adventure and healing

As far as outdoor adventure goes, Dibra offers the spectacular High Scardus Trail, better known as the Trail of Colors. After climbing the mountain of Rabdisht, you get to see all the beautiful colors of the landscape. Below the mountain lies the village of Rabdisht while, on the other side, the historic town of Bellova and the villages of Bellova, Cerjan and Zagrad.

Grandmother’s Fountain (Kroi i Gjyshes). Photo by Visit Dibra.

After approaching the point known as Grandmother’s Fountain, there is the Valley of Healing (Lugina e shërimit), as the area of the Spas in Peshkopia is known. Here, you’ll find several hot and cold water springs, forests, historic settlements and spectacular nature. This harmony between the curative values and beautiful surrounding landscape makes this entire area an incredibly attractive destination.

Hiking in Rabdisht. Photo by GIZ.

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