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Restaurant Oda

A Taste of Real Tradition in the Capital

A must for visitors who want to get a taste of the country’s history and character through traditional food and ambience.     

As its name suggests – in Albanian, oda refers to a traditional room for welcoming guests – Oda is a warm and friendly restaurant offering traditional local dishes. The menu is predominantly focused on Balkan flavors but offers many nice options for those of you who want to go the less traditional route, as well. Oda is definitely a must-see in Tirana!


The restaurant is located on a small secluded side street only one minute away from the vibrant and more populated Avni Rustemi Square. It is part of an old, traditional house and, as such, the décor reflects the country’s folk traditions and customs. Oda opened its doors in 2005 and, since then, it has been welcoming a stream of visitors from all over the world. This restaurant has earned quite a reputation for its delicious and traditional food locally and internationally! The decorative objects and the general setup reflect the country’s Ottoman influence as well as its changes before and after the ‘90s. The walls are embellished with traditional vessels from the region of Middle Albania and the black-and-white photos provide a pleasant accompanying visual narrative.


Each dish is uniquely made and presented. Two things that never change are the freshness of the products and the delicious flavor. You must try the appetizers incorporating fresh dairy products from Tirana’s surroundings. The meat is always tender and cooked with the most traditional spices. The various casserole clay dishes with the aroma of fresh melted cheese and delicious meats will make you forget all about diets and will swiftly take you back to a world where food and pleasure go hand in hand.

Here, you will have the chance to try some of the best traditional choices such as byrek (a flaky pie stuffed with a variety of savory fillings), fërgesë (a cheese and tomato mixture complemented with peppers or meta), pllaqi (large oven baked beans with a variety of herb and spice), kulaç (delicious Albanian bread), fresh sheep’s or goat’s cheeses and much more.


A glass of raki, the traditional Albanian drink, perfectly complements the roasted meats, fresh cheeses and even the traditional desserts here. Certainly, there are plenty of beer and wine alternatives for those who prefer lighter beverages, as well. But, here is your chance to try raki as you will find some of the greatest variety of this strong, traditionally Albanian beverage in the capital. A glass of raki simply cannot be skipped as it completes the journey to another time and place. Some of the most popular varieties include grape, plum, mulberry and quince.

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    Luigj Gurakuqi Street, near the roundabout Avni Rustemi Get Directions

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