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Shëngjin Beach

A charming, peaceful beach and port at the heart of Albanian nature

This wonderful spot is the most nostalgic and historically popular beach in Lezha! Both a beach and a port, Shëngjin is beautifully framed by the blue lagoon which surrounds it. According to locals, Shëngjin’s name is connected to the Forest of the Fairies (Pylli i Zanave), which is located between Shëngjin and Velipoja. This area was also once known as Medea, like the famous Medea of the Argonauts. The small harbor and beach here have managed to survive the highs and lows of history. and are widely known and popular locally, though less so than the famous Southern Riviera.

The beach here has a particular charm and exclusivity that’s difficult to find anywhere else in the region. Surrounded by gentle pine forests, and with a backdrop of picturesque hills, the beach is located near the national road, so it is easily accessible by car. Furthermore, the accommodation here is comfortable and economical, which gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy Shëngjin’s natural beauty at first hand. Some of the local favorite restaurants are located in the town of Shëngjin, where you’ll also find several stylish pubs which liven up during those wonderfully warm summer nights.

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