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Sotira Waterfall

A Spectacular Revelation

Waters flowing from Mount Tomorr into rugged limestone cliffs create the Sotira Waterfall, one of nature’s spectacles that attracts an increasing number of tourists year after year. Its waters fall from various heights of 20-100 meters, hitting the cliffs below at different speeds and creating an unforgettable, hypnotic scene!

Your journey toward Sotira Waterfall begins in the town of Gramsh (district of Elbasan) which, situated only 16 kilometers from the waterfall, is the starting point from where you reach the village of Sotira. The winding road is unpaved so it may take about an hour to get there. Once you arrive in the small village, you will have to hike for about an hour and a half.  In winter, it is a bit more challenging and sometimes impossible to pass it.

The surrounding nature is untouched, bathed in astounding greenery and freshness created by the several springs scattered throughout the trail. At the end, the waterfall appears in all its glory! Thanks to a beautiful meadow nearby, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular views and the surrounding scenery. This one is definitely for the virgin nature lovers!

The Sotira River, created by the waterfall, flows throughout the surrounding forest, giving the already awe-inspiring panorama the perfect frame. With the right pair of shoes, you may even be able to get closer to the waterfall. A path has been created throughout the years to maximize the whole experience. Walk with care as the terrain can be a tad slippery!

To conclude, you may jot down some of your personal reflections inspired by this place. “Beauty will save the world” once wrote the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Though you may have heard this phrase before, it takes some particularly beautiful places to bring it to life and imbue it with its full meaning. Here you will find traces of nature in its original, untouched glory. And, while the Sotira Waterfall will not save the world, the lucky ones who get to witness its beauty may feel encouraged to do so. This is one for the books!

Itinerary to Sotira Waterfall

The trip is fairly simple, following the Gramsh–Sotira Village–Waterfall itinerary. As you exit the town of Gramsh, follow the blue road signs showing the direction of the Sotira Waterfall. Once you arrive in the Sotira village, get ready to hike along the only road that is visible. If you have a 4X4, you may choose to use drive there. Otherwise, park your car in the village. There you can grab something to eat or drink at the small village diner/shop, and begin your hike. We would suggest bringing some food along for the hike. By doing so you can enjoy an idyllic picnic with a spectacular view in the meadow by the waterfall. Length of Hikeabout 6 kilometers.

Our advice

As you approach the actual waterfall, the terrain becomes increasingly challenging. The descent into the gorge to the foot of the waterfall is about 30 meters on a slippery and exposed path so make sure you wear appropriate shoes to get really close!


If you’re interested in being part of an organized tour, contact Klubi Discover Albania. During the summer months, they organize weekly trips to Sotira Waterfall.

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