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Tale Beach

The Rising Summer Star of Lezhe

Tale Beach is slowly turning into one of the hottest new summer destinations in Lezhë. As with all the other beautiful beaches in the area, it remains picture-perfect all year round. Several kilometres of coastline stretch from the area’s lagoons to the beginning of the Mat River’s delta. This popular new area is being constantly improved and made more enticing for tourists, through the new road infrastructure, exciting new hotel facilities, and of course, being Albania, a range of delicious seafood restaurants!

The sandy beach here is immaculate, and stretches a nice length along the sea making room for many visitors. Interestingly, the entire area is also known to have plenty of curative properties, thanks to an abundance of iodine and its unique, finely grained black sand. The beach remains today slightly wild and untouched, as this ideal vacation spot has only been recognised for its potential in more recent years. The wide sandy belt allows your eyes to freely gaze at the horizon and even further to the mountains beyond, the latter being natural boundaries between Lezhë and the northern highlands of Mat and Pukë.

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