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The Grand Park of Tirana: Gorgeous, Green & Family Friendly

The Family-Friendly Side of the Capital

In a bustling city like Tirana it may surprise you to find such sparse and open nature in the heart of the capital. Well, the Grand Park of Tirana offers just that, and so much more.

The Grand Park of Tirana continues to be one of the most popular and frequented spots of the capital city, by tourists and locals alike. The weekend is the peak time in which the park warmly welcomes a multitude of park-goers, those of whom seek recreation in the area’s many open green spaces, promenades, playgrounds and eateries. The Open-Air Theatre is another great spot, where regular stage shows featuring talented artists take place. The Grand Park of Tirana also boasts many multi-functional courts for various sports and leisure activities.  An artificial lake was introduced in the 20th century, a popular spot for runners to train around.

More than just a leisure spot, this popular park in Tirana also plays host to some of the country’s most defining memorials. Notably, these memorials commemorate the great names of Albanian literature, as well as those who lost their lives during World War II. In the valleys surrounding the artificial lake you can see the remains of the Church of St. Procopius, where you the visitor, can get a stunning view of the water. There is plenty more to do in the areas around the park, one of which being the Aquadrom Swimming Pool Complex, with pools for all ages. Not to forget the Tirana Zoo, which houses 25 different species and beautiful open green spaces, and finally the Botanical Gardens that offer a stunning haven of floral beauty for all.


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