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Lalzi Bay Beach

As beautiful as any beach along the Albanian coastline, Lalzi Bay has become one of the most popular summer spots on the Adriatic for locals and tourists.

30 kilometres north of Durrës, hiding behind beautiful tall trees and the songs of the cicadas, Lalzi Bay Beach is perhaps the most popular and populated beach on the long Adriatic Coast. The beach retains very high standards, and has become a social hotspot for both locals and tourists alike. It extends from St. Peter (Shën Pjetër) towards Rrushkull, and offers spectacular views of the tree-lined cliffs behind, as well as the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Its many recreational facilities keep the people busy playing beach volleyball and all kinds of other sports. In the hot summer months in particular, the bars and restaurants on this vibrant beach are packed, giving it an exciting summer atmosphere!

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    Gjiri i Lalzit, 30 km north of Durrës Get Directions

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