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Lakes of Dumrea: Discover the Wonderful Lakes near Elbasan

Like a crown full of precious jewels, the Lakes of Dumrea (more than eighty-six of them!) amaze every one who is fortunate enough to experience them. 160 meters above sea level and located in the Elbasan district, the karstic lakes are well-known for their unique features and the beautifully harmonious landscapes created by their co-existence.

Belsh Lake

The road from Tirana to Belsh passes through Elbasan Perimeter Highway and continues on to the Cërrik Crossway. From there, it takes you no more than 30 minutes to arrive at the Dumrea plains. A walk in the modern promenade or even a stop at one of the coffee shops or restaurants will provide another grand view of the Belsh Lake. In the evenings, with the city lights turning on one after another, the lake calmly reflects the warm atmosphere (watch video here).

Belsh city center, photo by IntoAlbania.

Seferan Lake

While the water lilies adorn many of this area’s lakes, with the coming of spring, Seferan Lake is decked by a wonderful tapestry of colors, created mostly by a beautiful combination of yellow and white flowers. While in Seferan, you need to taste the delicious saffron tea and kulaç (a special kind of Albanian artisan bread) made with local olive oil.

Water Lillies in Seferan lake. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Part of this beautiful view, is Gradishta Cliff, otherwise known as Belsh Castle due to the ruins found there. Considered a fairly developed center since the 6th century B.C., the fortified city constructed during the subsequent two centuries belongs to the Parthini Illyrian tribe, s subgroup of the famous Taulantii. The tomb of an Illyrian prince (Prince of Belsh) found here once contained 70 or so ancient objects which nowadays are displayed at the Mamuz in Asparn, Austria.

Gradishta Cliff and Seferan lake. Photo by IntoAlbania.

Merhoje Lake

Quite near the Seferan Lake, is the Merhoje  Lake, the deepest (61 m) and cleanest one of the entire area, famous for carp fishing.

Outdoor activities at Merhoje lake in Belsh.

Dega Lake

One of the most beautiful lakes in the entire plain of Dumrea is Dega Lake, located near Fierza Village. This ellipsis-shaped karstic lake has a length of 1600 m, a width of 300m, and an unbelievably rich ecosystem. If you were to look at it from a high point, you would most certainly notice its extremely unique shape relative to the other lakes around it.

Çestije Lake

Next to Dega Lake is Çestije Lake, which merits a special mention for being the largest lake of Dumrea. While the lake is an ideal setting for picnics and relaxation, many people go for the great fishing experience.

Bicycle Tour

Another very entertaining option is a bicycle tour. It grants you the necessary freedom with which you can fully experience the true poetry of these lakes. On a beautiful sunny day, set out on a trip that will undoubtedly move you!

Bicycles for rent at Seferan lake.

Get Involved in Village Life

If you are curious about some of the interesting farming and livestock processes of this area, you can assist in harvesting honey, grapes, tree pruning, baking, and more in the villages surrounding the lakes. For more information, see the site, or contact the Tourism and Investment Finance Fund.


The Dega Lake: Elbasan – Belsh – Çepë – Fierzë – the Dega Lake.
The Çestija Lake: Elbasan – Belsh – Çepë – Fierzë – Çestije.
The Merhoja lake: Elbasan – Belsh – Çepë.
The Seferan Lake: Elbasan – Belsh – Seferan.

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